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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Aku rasa lirik lagu ini cocok untuk akhir bulan Juni ini..
And, miss you so much..

And the conversation was right
Underneath the shade of moonlight
You were standing there, with sun touched hair
And a dress the color white

Like an areoplane I took flight
Feel in love you that first night
'Cause you danced with me
And I could see that there was more to life

I'm falling..
I'm falling
In love with you..

I'm falling..
I'm falling
In love with you...

Just before the strike midnight
You said this could be the good life
Then you said goodbye
Hope that I get to see you soon
Then I walked for several miles
Couldn't rid me of my smile
Cause you found me and I found you
In this lovely month of June

Will you catch me?
Because lately
You're a dream come true
Say you love me
You are lovely
Do you feel it too?

I'm falling...
I'm falling
In love with you..

#tayler ward
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